Saturday, October 16, 2010

Our lil Punkin'

Happy Fall!

We're so excited to get to experience all of Grahm's 'firsts'! He's getting ready to have his first Halloween and I can't wait to get him in his little outfit. He's going to be a ...well, you'll have to wait and see!
Here are some fun pictures of our lil' punkin next to his big pumpkin.

More Babies!
So there's no confusion, when I say 'more babies' I don't mean in this Skelton house (not quite yet anyways haha)! We're looking forward to another baby season with friends and family though.
Grant's sister, Anjean, is expecting a little girl in January! She has a son, James, who is four & he is a cute lil' monkey! We're all so excited to have another little girl in the family!
One of my neighbors and co-leader for our youth group is also expecting her second. It'll be a while before she finds out the gender, but we're praying she has an easier pregnancy this go-around with less sickness. This will make 6 kiddos growing up around our youth girls haha. But hey, we've got a great pool of baby sitters!
Our good friends Trent & Naomi are also expecting their 2nd! They have a precious 2 1/2 yr old, Bryley who's looking forward to having a little sister. I've been helping her paint the nursery and it looks so cute so far! Her bedding is going to be black, white, and purple with dots, stripes and the swirls that we stenciled on the wall below. I'm finishing up a huge razorback painting to match also. It's going to have her name in the razorback. They are naming her unique & fun! She also painted Jeremiah 29:11 on the wall above where the crib will be. Bryley also got her verse above her headboard and I'm working on a brown & pink Hogs painting for her room as well. So much fun!

Family Fun!
We've all got pretty crazy schedules but we try to get the Bruns family together as often as possible. Usually this involves way too much delicious food!

My dad & Grahm hanging out at Joan's

Grahm and his G-Gma Daisy...she can never give enough kisses

This kiddo LOVES bath time. He just kicks & splashes! He's amazed to watch water dripping and landing on his hands or belly. And of course if he can steal a wash cloth from you, it goes straight to the mouth. I finally learned just to give him a clean wet one to chew on from the start and he lets me keep mine to wash with.

So Abby, our college leader for our youth group, has this amazing talent that none of us knew about until recently. She is a clothing designer! I don't mean sketches of little barbie outfits in her school notebook. I'm talking she designs and personally creates high fashion clothing. She's so talented! Her label is called MaryClaire Couture and she recently had a fashion show at the Pi Phi house at UofA. We went out and supported her as she displayed her fall line for family, friends, professors, and local boutiques. I wanted to take home every outfit! Here are some pics from our fun night out and her fall line!

A few of our girls after the show at the courtyard reception.
Bethany, Sara, Savannah, & Shelby

Jordyn, Allie & Arden

And out came the models. We had no idea what to expect. Wow! I love it all!

Savannah & Bree sitting along the runway.

The final model walk down the runway...

Congratulating & visiting with Abby after her show!
Back row: Shelby, Arden, Bethany, Bree, Allie, Tonya w/Lillian, Brittney w/Grahm
Front row: Jordyn, Abby AnnaClaire Unruh, Sara, & Savannah

Fountain at the Pi Phi courtyard

Sara with her nephew Grahm!

Me and Grahm playing!

Abby came out after the show to take a bow and thank everyone for coming out.
Great job Abby!

Game Days, Birthdays, & Lazy Days!

He's going to take off crawling in no time! He gets in position but just hasnt quite figured out how everything works together lol.

Well we strart him out in the sleep positioner & when we check on him later...he's like this ha!
Booty up!

Playin' in my room...

Game day with daddy! My two favorite Cowboys fans!

Best buds!

We went out to eat for all you can eat crablegs at Across the Creek for my bday! Natalie came into town from Little Rock so after a long day of cheering on the hogs against Alabama, we all went & chowed down.

Go Hogs! Natalie & I at the Razorback tailgate at the Hogs vs. Alabama game.

Hub & Wife tailgating at the Hogs vs. Bama game...we won't talk about the results of that game...

Lazy mornings! Grahm and Grant snuggling in bed & watching Saturday morning cartoons!
This is one of those sterotypical "when I have kids" things I always looked forward to...laying in bed and watching Sat. morning cartoons with our kiddo/s and it's apart of our weekends now. I love it! :)

Grant & Grahm watching the Springdale vs. Har-ber football game together.

Us taking a few quick shots in front of the house with little man. We just want to capture everything!

's hard to tell in this picture, but it was the craziest thing. The sun was setting and you could see the physical line between daylight and dusk. It was so pretty.

Grant & I before a date night...a what-night? Dates are less frequent so we defintely cherish that time haha.

My cousin Emily with her Grahm :)

Grahm playing with his Grandma in his Hog hat!

I can hear it now...."Woooo pig sooie!"

Fun at Las Fajitas with the Skelton fam. for Sept & Oct bdays! Here's MeeMaw with the grandkids.
James, MeeMaw, Grahm, Tryston & Trynity

Our neice & nephews.
Munchkin pose! They're all getting so big!

Brother & sissy hug!

Uncle TJ & Grahm. He'll have a little girl in his arms soon!

Chow time! One of Grahms favorite times of the day. He was laughing so hard that night!

Hmmm that bite of cereal made a funny face!

Happy Sweet 16 Sissy!!
Mom forgot candles so she got a huge candle stick instead ha!

Great Gma Daisy holding the sleepy boy at Sara's party.

Grahm & his G-Grandad

I love Tryston's serious face here. He was so focused to go after the ball!

Go Tryston!! I forget, but he either made 2 or 4 goals this game!

Grahm & MeeMaw watching Tryston play soccer!

Well I started making Grahm's baby food from fresh fruits and veggies this weekend! Stayed tuned to see how that turned out and what Grahm's thinks of the new flavors!
Movie review: Grant and I saw "Life as we Knew It" last night. SOoooo good! I cried in quite a few scenes and then there were parts where you blurt out an huge embarassing laugh. It covered all the bases. It's about two single people who come into a situation of taking on a parent role to a baby with all the humor that entails. There were so many parts that Grant & I were all too familiar with! Definitely a good date night movie.
The Hogs beat Ole Miss this weekend!!! Woo Pig! We needed a big win...and yes I'm one of those annoying fans who says "take that Nutt!". He left, we beat him, it's just how it goes. The game had two rain delays, but Mallett & Wilson did a great job leading the team. Proud weekend for these fans!
G&B + Grahm