Friday, November 27, 2009

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells!

Yay! The Holidays are here!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Grant had to work overnight last night, and therefore sleep all day to rest up, so we didn't get to visit our Skelton side of the family. He did wake me up when he got home Thurs. morning though and we had a Thanksgiving breakfast together at Cracker Barrell haha. I went to Grandad's, we had most of the crew there and had a great time hanging out and eating too much. Well...and watching the Cowboys win!I had my first experience of having my belly continuously rubbed throughout the day. At least family made the first move and not a stranger in line at the grocery store or something! My mom's lil' hometown of Cassville, MO is going to the State Football Championship again this year so spirits were high as everyone is packing up and heading towards the dome in St Louis for the big game this weekend.
Got up this morning at 3:30am and hit the Wal-Mart blitz. We found lots of great stuff for the neice and nephews and a few things for others. Also snagged a 1-2-3 Lights and Sounds ball for Baby Skelton! It's the first toy we've bought (insert "awww" here). Luckily I got off work early, so now I'm home doing some serious damage to the soon-to-be nursery. Wheew it's time to get busy! is the most recent belly pic. Somedays it seems bigger, somedays not so much. But baby is definitely growing!
17 Weeks
Well if you follow my facebook you've seen a countdown for the last few days. Our ultrasound is Dec. 7th so today we're down to 10 DAYS! We're sooo ready to see the baby! I can't wait to see Grant's face!! I think we're starting to feel pretty confident that it's a boy (especially Grant!). But at the same time, I dunno, we'll see! Still feeling great minus a couple days of awful pain, the nurse said they were 'round ligament' pains and are normal, mine were just more severe than some. Doing good now though :)
We went out to the farm a couple weekends ago and stayed with Mom & Dad Skelton. Jim & Grant worked on the crib while I stained some of the finished pieces. Wow! It's amazing. I can't wait to see it all finished! I'll post some pics soon now that it's coming together.
I took some pictures of our niece, Trynity, and our nephews, Tryston and James playing in a pile of leaves. They are just too cute!


Tryston & Trynity
Well back to working on the 'nursery' (I have to quit calling it the office!).
Time to start putting up Christmas decorations!
Go Hogs & Cassville Wilcats!

Love - G&B + 1

Monday, November 9, 2009

And the Dr. said....

We had our 3rd appt today with Dr. Hix (last time was with Gorman). We've liked both so far. It was suggested we meet with different doctors since which Dr. delivers really depends on who's on call. Today we got to hear the baby's heartbeat again! Last visit it was 160bpm, this time the heartbeat was 150bpm. We opted out of the amniocentesis (AFT) testing. Everything is going well and the Dr. doesn't have any concerns. Dr. Hix also said I might start to feel the baby's movements between now and then. We were very excited about today because they were supposed to schedule our first ultrasound...and...the big day is Monday, Dec. 7th at 3:30 pm with Dr. Bailey. So we're counting down the 4 weeks until we get to see our baby for the first time and hopefully tell if we're having a boy or girl!! On that note we have settled on first names...drum roll please....... If we have a girl we're naming her Reese. And if a boy, then Grahm/Graham. Middle names are still very much in the works :)

14 week 'baby bump'

We did some heavy duty cleaning this weekend. We started cleaning out the nursery to-be, which we previously used as an office, not realizing how much STUFF we have to find places for. So we first had to clean out other closets and areas to move stuff into. It's going to be a tight squeeze, I think some call that cozy right? lol.
We also went to the Hogs game with Trent and Naomi and then to Devil's Den with family. It was a fun weekend! Our baby is gonna know how to call the Hogs!!!
Oh and Mom were right...I ran into a door knob Saturday night. It's funny now because it doesn't hurt as bad. But I thought I broke my arm there for a bit (that wasn't so funny). I've gotta watch out for those walls and doors, they are starting to jump out there and bite me!
Well, before we sign off for tonight. Please enjoy a picture at our expense, haha. Again we have a sense of's a picture of Grant and I, I mean...Mario and Yoshi at Halloween.

Goodnight & Go Hogs!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

November Already?!

The last couple of months disappeared! It's hard to believe it's already November. Not that we can tell by the, cold, rain, shine...that's Arkansas!
Just a few updates on the Skelton family...
We have our next appointment on Monday Nov. 9th. Mainly just optional tests and our favorite part...we get to hear the heartbeat again! We're most excited about scheduling our ultra sound this visit. We should know Monday when we'll get to see our lil' "midgee" for the first time and also when we'll find out what we're having!!
We'll be 15 weeks this Sunday and I've still gone without any sickness! The only 'issue' I've had is sleeping comfortably without waking up a lot throughout the night. I have developed a craving and unfortunately a very unhealthy one...McD's french fries. Yep...of all things. I've always loved pickles, but now they sound even more delicious - Grant even brought me one to work on his way out to the farm today! He's so funny - love it. Salty stuff....yumm!
Grant has been out working on the crib with Jim. He's loving the time he gets to spend with his dad and work on such a special project. When it starts coming together we'll post some pictures of the progress. Jim really has a special talent for woodworking. I get to see some of the furniture pieces he and Wayne create and they are amazing!
We wanted to post a few more of the fall pictures we had taken in Oct. Shout out to Colter for a great job (his info below if you're needing pics done!).

Good night everyone! Woo Pig Sooie!

Colter Barron Photography - or (419).409.8393.