Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's 'Fall' Fun & Games Around Here!

Too big for my britches!

Well he's getting big and he's getting there fast! At Grahm's last check up (4 months) he was 26.5inches long (90th percentile) and almost 15 lbs. He just turned 5 months on Oct 2nd, and he just babbles on and on. Music to our ears! His next appt is Nov. 4th, for his 6 month check up. He likes to lay on his belly while kicking his legs & pushing up with his arms. It won't be much longer and he'll be crawling all over the place! Right now he's our lil' rollie pollie, rolling all over the place and telling us all about it.

Here's a few 4 month pictures! The first one is our fav!

Hanging out with the big boys...

Grahm wearing 'Uncle' Joe's hat at dinner.

3 Strikes You're Out!

Grahm continues to love being outside and he's becoming one of the Naturals biggest...well,!

Grahm & Daddy chilling on the bed with Jax before the game

Sweet boy, resting in Daddy's arms....too much excitement for one night!

We got a picture with Strike, the Naturals mascot!

...and he's out.

It's a bird, it's a's GRAHM!

Hannah's Hope 2nd Annual Run Buffalo Wild 5k

This year Hannah's Hope asked our youth groups to help out again at their annual 5k event. We love working with Tiffany Boles & Jamie Vansickler to raise money for the organization. Tiffany created Hannah's Hope after her daughter Hannah's battle with pediatric cancer. Hannah went to be with the Lord in 2008. They now help provide financial assistance to other local families who have children battling various types of cancer. The students helped with registration, water stations, sales & snack tables, cheering on the runners and judging the BWW hot wing eating contest! As you'll see below, the Bella Vista fire department wasn't able to make it for the wing eating contest so a few of us entered last minute haha!

MMmmmm!!! I guess you could say I won the girls division!

Ok I was the only girl...but it was delicious!

A few of our fabulous judges!

Bree, Kendall, Arden, Jordyn & Allie

Luke & Grant having a water drinking contest....

ehhh...boys will be boys. :)

A great day to Run Buffalo Wild!

Arden, Naomi, Savannah, Allie, Reagan, Kendall & myself

Going to the Big D!

Back in September we got the chance to go cheer on our Cowboys at the new Dallas Stadium! We loved watching the 'Boys play (and beat!) the Dolphins!

Huddle time!

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders

Let's go Cowboys!

We started Grahm on rice & oatmeal cereal a while back. He loves it! If he's really hungry, he gets a little impatient and frustrated & wants the immediate gratification of his bottle. But when we time it just right, cereal time is fun for all.

I'm going to attempt, based on other friend's successes haha, to make his baby food myself. The fruits & veggies anyway. It should be stayed tuned to see how that goes. It'll be another few weeks before he's ready for "real" food, but we're excited!

MMmmmm rice cereal...this kid never turns down a spoonfull.

Grahm spending the afternoon visiting with his Great Grandad!
I hope to post again soon! So much has happened recently.
G&B + Grahm!