Saturday, January 22, 2011

Christmas Fun Like Never Before!

Now that Christmas and New Years have passed, I've finally got a little time to sit down and tell you all about our best holiday ever! Get ready for an overload of fun family pics! Ok, they are mostly of Grahm..but isn't that really why you're looking at this anyway ;)

Grahm is getting very mobile! He's been scooting around doing the army crawl for a couple months now, but now he's added pulling up, standing, and crawling on all fours to his activities. He keeps us on our toes!
One of his favorite places to play is still under the coffee table. Apparently that's where I used to hang out when I was a little girl too, I would even go under there and fall asleep haha.
Grahm playing under the living room table!

Grahm and his toys have taken over the living room..
I can't say we'd have it any other way!

My first attempt at making a deco-mesh wreath.
That stuff is tricky!

When Grant put up the Christmas tree after Thanksgiving, Grahm loved it.
One night he lay under it and looked at the lights, too cute!

Grahm and his 'aunt' Laura Jade

Morgan and I at the 2nd Annual Black & White party.

Grant and I hanging out by the food, nom nom nom.

A pose in front of their Christmas tree

Grant and I at the Black & White Christmas party 2010.

Grahm is at such a fun stage right now. Every time we turn around he's doing something new, or learning how to play with something in a new way. We're having so much fun!
Back in November Grahm figured out how to pull up in his crib and stand up!
We snuck in and took a picture. And then of course, lowered his crib. :( So big!

He loves playing with toys that he can crawl after, including the dogs haha.
They're doing really well with him so far.

Playing under the table again...

This night we had so much fun! I was cooking and he was playing in the kitchen.
I put the whip cream bucket on his head and he loved it! He just crawled around with it using his spatula to make noises on other buckets and pans.

I loved this picture! I think he looks like a "Who" from Dr. Suess's Whoville.
Our Christmas tree has always matched with balls and ribbon of red and gold. But this year we were excited to introduce some new ornaments to our tree!
Grahm's Baby Razorback ornament

The ornament Grahm painted at school with the help of his teachers.
Our 'Baby's first Christmas' ornament.

The family ornament my mom bought us at what used to be my Grandma's flower shop in Cassville, MO. What's so fun about this is that my sister and I visited the shop right before my mom went and bought this. I picked it out, almost bought it for us, but put it back and regretted not buying it later. My mom had no idea until I opened it and told her.

Our mantel...crazy in just 4 1/2 years it went from 2 stockings to 5! Of course the two on the right are for the puppies haha.
Christmas Eve at my Mom's house.
Every year we go to the Christmas Eve Candle Light service at Fellowship and then to my mom's for a non-traditional dinner. We pick whatever sounds good for dinner and open 1 present each. This year my Grandad came down from Cassville, went to church with us and spent the night! Dan, Melissa and Emily came, as well as our best friends Laura Jade and Joe.
Grahm getting sleepy on Christmas Eve. There was just too much going on he wouldn't give in to sleep, at least not until Daddy got off work to say goodnight.

Grahm loved tearing off bows and paper...and then eating the boxes!

Emily helped get started, but Grahm had no problem tearing into presents.

Grahm loves wearing 'uncle' Joe's hats!

Whoa! A Tigger rocker from Grandma!

Ha!! Grandad wearing Grahm's Hog beanie.

Grant had to work Christmas Eve, but he finally got the store cleared out and got over to mom's around 9:30. Grahm just needed to see Daddy and he was out.

Christmas morning at home!
Grant and I were like kids again, we couldn't wait to wake up Grahm and have our first Christmas morning at our house with our little dude!
Grahm was excited to finally get to touch all the presents we'd being saying "no, don't touch" about for the past few weeks.
Grahm opening his first wrapped present on Christmas morning - new razorback PJs!

Grant helping G learn how to play with his new giraffe toy!

Grant thought he knew what all his presents were. But he wasn't expecting his own Razorback Baggo set! It's hard to get a surprise in with Grant, yay!

Mommy and G on Christmas morning!
Christmas morning to my mom's for our first stop of the day!
We had breakfast at Mom's and we all opened the rest of our presents. My mom and dad & his wife went in together and got Sara her own laptop, she was very excited! Then, as if she needed to be spoiled more, we got her an iphone along with some other goodies. I don't know if she was that good this year. :) And mom, oh mom...last year we got her a digital picture frame for Christmas. I know how she is with electronics so I told her if it was still in the box a year later, I was taking it. Well, just like I expected, it was still in the box so I sneaked over one day in December and took her memory card, uploaded her pics from her computer and compiled some family pictures onto a flash drive. She opened the flash drive on Christmas Eve and didn't even know what it was ('s that bad). I dug out the digital picture frame and plugged it in, she loved it (or at least pretended to, but hey at least it's doing something now ha).
Grahm, Sara, Grandad, me and Hubby on Christmas
Sara, mom, me and Grahm

Our lil' family on Christmas!
Christmas afternoon with the Skelton Family!
We headed to Gravette after breakfast to see Grant's family. We had a delicious lunch and got to visit with the kids and Grandma Janice before they had to go.
MeeMaw and Gdad with the grandkids on Christmas: Trynity (Nathan's), James (Anjean's), Grahm (well you know who he belongs to) and Tryston (Nathan's). And Miss Summer, Anjean & TJ's second baby will be here in February!

Grahm and Gdad!

G playing on Christmas day at MeeMaww and Gdads!
Christmas Evening with the Bruns Family!
That evening we took off to Van Buren to see the Bruns side of the family. My grandparents, Aunt Lula, Dad, Tiffany and little sister Hannah, as well as my Aunt Karla & hub Clay from OK made it in!
Grahm got a Sophie the Giraffe teether (well we call it Jeffie, ha). These are fantastic!
He also got some very cool books, a singing/learning dog and a piano that interacts with the T.V. (at this point I was already pondering what store would have a nice toy box for the living room)

My Dad and his Girls! Me, Hannah & Sara

Happy New Year! 2011
We spent the New Year with friends at Trent and Naomi's playing games while the kids ran around like the wild animals that they are. Good times!
Grahm in his tuxedo onesie! Happy New Year!
Walking around mom's bedroom with his new musical walker

He loves his talking dog. He ended up getting two for Christmas so we keep one at home and one in the car. Can't go wrong there!

Ha! Belly shot! Wearing my mom's hat. He's got a thing for hats, good thing because hopefully he'll be in a baseball hat and football helmet in just a few years ;) we'll see!
Splish Splash I was taking a bath!...
Grahm LOVES bathtime! He got his duckie bath tub for Christmas and we have a blast!

He'll go crazy splashing the water everywhere! :)
Play time!
Well he's growing big and we're having a ball. He's doing great at Bright Haven and we love it there. One of his favorite times of the day is when they take a ride in the bye bye buggy around the building. I usually get there right after they are about to ride, it's so much fun to watch him get so excited. He's crawling, pulling up and standing on everything he can hold on to. He's doing great with eating and so far the only thing he doesn't like are his peas and freshly mashed bananas (so I blend those into other foods haha). He 'talks' constantly, bless his heart he got that from me lol. We're starting to try to teach some basic sign language like 'hungry, eat, thirsty, drink, bed, pacifier. We'll see how it goes...
People were right when they say you have to plan date nights or you'll never get them. We're getting better about trying to go out with friends or just us a few times a month. It's tough to leave him, but it's good for us. We recently got an afternoon and night to go to a movie, dinner and out with friends for Grant's birthday - we missed lil' man but it was very nice.
We also just recently booked out 5 year anniversary trip to Sandals in St Lucia! We're so excited! We're going in August with Laura Jade & Joe. Oooo can't wait!
Our friends Trent and Naomi had their little girl, Zayley Hope Bratcher on January 6th. She's healthy and precious! Bryley is very excited to be a big sister!

Well that's whats going on in our crazy wonderful life! Updates to come later!

Happy New Year & Go Hogs on making it to the Sugar Bowl!


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