Saturday, April 24, 2010

Let the countdown begin!

Well we're 39 weeks now! We're just waiting on lil' man to decide he's ready to come join us!

This morning I met Dad, Tiff & Hannah at Neals cafe for a delicious breakfast and then they came over and checked out the nursery (see below for a great pic of Dad and I haha). Then Morgan & I went and got one last pedicure before Grahm gets here! It was amazing and my piggies (although rather fat at the moment) look pretty good! And then...Sis and I went shopping for her Spring Semi-formal and I picked up something to wear for our maternity pics tomorrow!
Tomorrow (Sunday) Grant is off work - yay!!! My friend Maura is a photographer and she's taking maternity pictures with Grant & I tomorrow. We're sooo excited for her to capture a few shots of us with our little guy while he's still 'in the oven'. Check out her website at!
Then Grandma & Papa are coming over! Such a fun weekend :)

I'm a little behind on updates...sorry!
Two weeks ago we had our 37 week appointment with Dr. Partridge. She was great like everyone said. At that time, I still wasn't dialated or effaced and everything else looked good so we planned to see Dr. Hix the following week for our 38 week appt.

Last Wed. we had our 38 week appt with Dr. Hix. He asked how baby's activity has been and we reported that he's very active and his movements are quite strong haha. Shortly after that conversation, Hix went to check his heartbeat and said something along the lines of "let's find her hearbeat". As soon as that doplar touched my belly, Grahm started kicking it and bouncing all over. Dr. Hix looked up at us and we said "his heartbeat"! Haha...Dr. said "He didn't like being called a girl much did he?". Guess Hix should've read the chart first, ha. Anyway, belly measurements were good, weight, BP...and all that jazz. And Hix said we were barely dialated to almost a 1. Well progress is progress right? So this Tues. we go back for our 39 week appt. with Dr. Gorman where we'll discuss inducing if needed.

38 week baby bump!
Grant and Jim finished the dresser last week and brought it home!
The nursery is now fully furnished and the only thing we're waiting on is....well, Grahm!

Daddy hanging Grahm's name above his crib! :)

Grahm's nursery...ready & waiting!

Ha..Dad's turn to compare bellies.
I don't know..I might have him beat!

Daddy installing the carseat!

I tried to tell him that he doesn't fit, but he wouldn't listen...
(ok..ok he's just reading the levels on the side)

Snap on...snap off..

The gorgeous cake Rachel Jardot made for my JBHunt
baby shower! And delicious too!

Nothing like taking a 2 hour break on a Friday at work to hang out with friends
and open baby gifts! We got a ton of must-haves & goodies.
We're so thankful for all our friends and families helping prepare us for Grahm's arrival. He definitely won't go without!
Well my next update will either be after our Tuesday appt or after we get home from the hospital if Grahm comes before then haha. Everyone take care!
G&B + Grahm!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

37 weeks!

No fun sun!...
About a week and half ago Grant and I took a couple days off together and went fishing out at the lake. I ended up with a severe sunburn after just a couple hours (yes, yes...I now know that my body doesn't react to the sun while pregnant like it used to - ouch!). It was 3 nights before I had a decent nights sleep after trying aloes, lotions, & even vinegar. My skin was so tight on my legs I couldn't even walk normal b/c there was no elasticity - Grant had to help me in and out of bed! I got dehydrated so my legs, ankles & feet swelled up huge! Can you say 'Kankles'?! My feet finally fit in my shoes again & lesson learned, so please...wear your sunscreen! P.S. if you do get a sunburn and certain lotions irritate your skin, Eucerin brand lotions were a life saver!

36 Week Update...
Last Wed. the 7th we had our 36 week appt with Dr. Bailey. He didn't get nearly as upset about my sunburn/swelling as I thought he would. He just made a few jokes about a great new invention called "sunscreen" (yea, ha..ha). My BP was 110/60, weight gain still on track, and my belly measured at 36 which he said is right where it should be for 36 weeks. Grant guessed my weight exactly- stinker! I guessed less but forgot to account for the water retension from all the swelling. Bailey said Grahm's head appears to be progressing in the right direction and his position is good. He also said I don't seem to be dialated at this point which is normal and we would check again next Wed. We meet Dr. Partridge for our 37 wk appt on the 14th (then we will have finally met them all! lol). I hear she's great. So stay tuned for next week's update.

37 week pictures!

He's getting heavy!

Almost time for Grahm to be here!
The dresser/changing table is almost done now! Ibelieve all that's left now is the drawer fronts and then the stain!
Grant working on trim pieces
Sara helping sand
It was such a gorgeous day when we went out to the farm last weekend. Perfect amount of wind for flying kites!
MeeMaw flying kites with James & Tryston
James, Tryston & Nathan flying their kites
My Grandma Dora was a florist so I've always loved flowers and taking pictures of them.
Here are some new blossoms on the farm!

Easter Sunday!
We spent Easter Sunday at Grandad's house. Grant had to work so he couldn't make it. But we had a great time with family.
Aunt Mellisa, Mom, Sara, Shane, Britt, Deanna, & Vanessa
The kiddos - Emily, Alex & Isaiah
Me and Grandad showing off our bellies!!
Cell Group Baby Shower!
We had an awesome get together Saturday with cell group girls, some moms & other leaders! Thanks everyone for all the sweet gifts & fun. We played a game where we passed around numbered baby food jars and everyone tried to guess what was in them by smelling. THEN, whoever guessed the most correct got to pick their jar for the next game. Luckily I got quite a few right and picked apple sauce because the next game was a baby food eating contest! We paired up and had to feed our partner half the jar & then switch. I felt so bad for those who had peas, sweet potatoes, squash, etc! Mom and I won, but we had an unfair advantage with the apple sauce lol.
The adorable guitar & minky blanket from Bellas!
I love these!!! Grahm's new Razorback booties!
Baby Lillian (Tonya's little girl) decked out in her Hogs gear, even her Piggy hat!
Do you think it fits him? lol
My cell girls & co-leaders! (and Bryley)
Amelia, Allie, Jordyn, Savannah, Bethany, Naomi, Arden, Me, Tonya
Mary, Amanda & Bryley!
I can't wait until we actually get to Welcome Baby Grahm!!
Only a few more weeks at most!
Thanks everyone for all the sweet prayers, gifts & advice. We're so excited for him to be here to meet all of our friends and family!
More updates soon!