Monday, May 24, 2010

Grahm Emerson Skelton!

Wow so this post is wwaayy past due, but hey...I've had more important things to do than be on the internet haha! So I finally got on here early while the boys are still asleep to post some of our first pics with our little man! So here are the details:

Grahm Emerson Skelton arrived May 2nd 2010 at 4:44pm. 8 lbs 11 oz and 20 inches long!

On Saturday, May 1st we went out to dinner at Sassy's with Laura Jade, Joe, Tony & Bailey. Afterwards LJ & Joe came over to watch a movie. I hadn't really had any 'progress' yet so when I started feeling contractions I thought it was possibly in my head knowing that my due date was the next day. Well..the contractions didn't hurt but they got closer and longer through out the evening. Within a few hours instinct told me to go finish packing our bags, we would be making a trip to Willowcreek very soon! While they visited in the living room, I anxiously finished going through our packing list. After they left, Grant and I decided to call one of the nurses and ask if we should come up there since the contractions were just minutes apart. The nurse advised that if they weren't painful and I could sleep (it was now almost midnight), to go ahead and try to sleep. sleep we went. At 3:56 (yes, I vividly remember the bright red numbers on the alarm clock) water broke! Now talk about good luck, I happened to be in the bathroom for one of my every hour bathroom breaks.
Ok, so about my contractions not hurting...WOW! After my water broke, the pain set in. No phone call necessary this time, we grabbed our bags & headed straight for Willowcreek (ok and by "straight for" I mean minus the stop at McDonalds for a 4:30am breakfast since I wouldn't be able to eat again for a long time)! We were checked into Willowcreek E.R. by 5 & making the long awaited call to our parents. On a side note - the nursing staff in the E.R. was amazing. We spent an hour or two in the E.R. where my pain progressively got stronger and I learned why they call it 'labor'. I wasn't too nervous until they wheeled the girl into the curtain-divided room next to me and we had to listen to her scream and cry in pain. Grant was there, holding my hand and we waited for our 'real' room. By 7am I was in my own room and the dr's were impressed with my contractions, they were close and big! I was quickly introduced to Anethesiologist Dr. Jech and her big needle - woo hoo for the epidural (p.s. - that hurt!). After the epidural set in, I didn't feel anything from the waist down...I mean anything.
Ok fast forward about 8 hours....
Crazy contractions, petocin & many check-ups later...I still had barely dialated to a 3. This is when Gorman made the call. Mr. Grahm would be arriving via C-section. They had me prepped and wheeled into the O.R. within 30 minutes where Dr. Gorman performed the C-section and our perfect 8lb 11oz baby boy was delivered! Seeing Grahm carried across the room and handed to Grant was the most emotional & amazing moment ever! are some pictures of our journey to starting our family!!

Grant & I waiting (looks like I'd had my epidural at this point lol)

Mom, Sis, Dad & me...they were about to become Grandparents!

Only at a 3?! C-Section, here we come...

Grant suiting up for the O.R.

He's here!!! Grant carryin Grahm to the nursery

Stop and pose for the family! Grahm's first introduction

Grant with Grahm in the nursery. They let him stay and help with everything

Our first family picture & my first time to hold Grahm! So incredible!

Here he is - Grahm Emerson Skelton!

It's a BOY!

Wow...I'm a Mommy!
Holding my little man.

Smile Skeltons!

(Great) Grandma Daisy with her G-Grandson

Aunt Lula with Grahm

Grant's Mom - MeeMaw with Grahm and cousin James

I'm 1 day old! 4:44pm May 3rd

My Dad - Grandpa holding his first grand baby!

My sissy - Grahm's Aunt Sara!
There were a ton more pictures from the hospital since we had so many friends and family visit (see facebook for more!).

Headed home! Grahm was wide eyed and taking in the world!

GG & Papa Lew Skelton with their newest Great-grandson

Daddy & Grahm!

Grant's sister - Aunt Anjean & James with baby Grahm

Grandad holding his newest Great-grandson

Grahm playing with Daddy - he's so alert

Chillin in the swing

Grandad with me, Grant & Grahm

Snuggle time with Daddy

Snuggle time with Mommy

Relaxing with Laura Jade

Ha this one cracks me up.
Grahm checking out my mom - Grandma

Sweet boy...

Grahm & Hollyn hanging out!

Mother's Day!
(still had my kankles lol)

Mother's day dinner

Mr. Smiles!

Trent & Naomi's daughter, Bryley holding Grahm

Just chillin in his shades

Grahm's cousins - James, Trynity & Tryston!

Gdad Skelton with all the grandkids!

Why hello...

Monkey toes..

Such a tough life being a baby...

"I do all my own stunts!"

Grandpa talking to little man
Hanging out on the Naturals lawn, listening to Josh Wilson perform

Grahm's first Naturals baseball game!

Well there are definitely more memories to be shared, hopefully it won't take me a month to get more pictures posted. Take care & more updates soon!
G&B + Grahm!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Maternity Pictures!..and then what you really want to see...

So by now most have heard that Lil' Mr. Grahm is here!!! Warning - this is just a teaser post! We can't wait to update everyone with all the amazing experiences and pictures of his 1st week here. I just have time to post our maternity pictures by Maura ( and I'll be on soon to tell you all about our incredible blessing! Enjoy some pictures of the last days before Grahm arrived!

Thank you Maura for these wonderful keepsakes of our last week preparing for Grahm to be here. I can't wait to get some prints of her work up in his nursery!
G, B & Grahm!