Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's been a while since our last post. This weekend we'll be 30 weeks!
We recently had our 28 week appointment with Dr. Seale. Grant had been sick so he wasn't able to come this time. Dr. Seale said my blood pressure is "gorgeous" and my blood work/glucose screening came back fine. She also said my weight and 'tummy' measurements are right on track. My scar has continued to be tender so hopefully that will remain a mild annoyance and not cause any serious complications. Grahm's heartbeat was 150 the day of the appointment, still so exciting to hear!

29 weeks. "Hi little man!"

Haha let's compare week 12 and week 29 baby bumps...!

Grant is finally off overnights! His last night was two nights ago and he's off until this Sunday. He'll then start a "normal" schedule. For those who don't know, there is no such thing as a normal schedule in Wal-Mart store ops. He'll work 3 days on, 3 off from 8am-8pm. But hey, that works for us! He'll be home everynight and won't be so worn out from having to shift his sleeping schedule. We're both very excited! Praise God for such awesome timing with his schedule change and for good careers.
We've been very busy getting things ready for Grahm to arrive! His room is nearing completion as we have started getting all the pieces together. I picked up his bedding from Renee this weekend. She did an incredible job and everything matches the nursery perfectly! The crib isn't in the room yet, so we set the bedding up on the floor so we could show pictures.
Back and side bumpers, a pillow, and the little diaper wipe case she made...

The front bumper (that can also be reversed to brown & stripes) and the bed skirt

Another angle with the round minky pillow...

Here it is!
We'll post more pics when we get it all set up in the crib...
Renee McCue is a local lady who did the bedding for us. If anyone needs bedding, curtains, etc..., we would recommend her. Her contact # is 479-750-9398.
The hardest part has been getting the finishing touches on the walls! Getting all the lines straight and level was tough, but painting evenly on textured walls is even tougher!

Finally got the brown stripes painted!

This is the wall that the crib will be against.
We'll hang the "G-R-A-H-M" letters across the green above the crib.

So Grant and Jim have been busy wrapping up their big project too! Here are the latest pictures of the crib!! Today they put the sealant on and all that's left is a top coat and of course the frame & mattress! We might be able to bring it home next week! (Ok I'm a little excited!). I still can't get over how talented they are...they created this from raw wood, it's so amazing to me. It's something so special that our family will always have. Thank you...thank you...thank you Daddy & Gdad!
Grahm's crib - it's really almost done!

Mr. Grahm's bed
What else...? Middle name update...we've got nothing. Our list has grown rather than get narrowed down. So, we'll just continue to keep everyone posted on that decision!
Oh! I have had some pretty funny dreams lately. One involves pirates and a potty accident (yep...I admitted it. I poo'd my pants in my dream b/c I couldn't find an open bathroom in the pirate port...but only in my dream lol). And in the other I was a guy (Tokyo Drift type guy) that had to steal this legendary motorcycle to stay was really intense! So those have been very interesting haha!
Well I hope everyone enjoys the pictures and updates (and laughs on my behalf ha!). Grant and I are going to relax and watch a movie...we'll see what Netflix sent us this week!
Take care and God bless!