Sunday, July 25, 2010

One cool dude...

Our lil' man is one cool dude!

FATHERS DAY 2010 Grandpa with Grahm at our Father's day cookout!
All spread out & comfy while napping in our bed
Sitting on MeeMaw's lap at Gma & Papa's on Father's day!

Hangin out with Daddy on Father's Day in his "My Daddy Rocks!" shirt

Grant trying out his new camping chair he got for Father's Day!

Nap time with Daddy
It was a tough couple of weeks for me going back to work on June 28th. I took him to Bright Haven and of course cried most of the time I was there. They were wonderful but it didn't make it any easier. I went back and visited him on my lunches. After visiting Grahm and getting to know his teachers on my lunches it slowly got easier on me. Grant gets to keep him a couple days a week so they try to pick me up for lunch at least once. Now Grahm gives Miss Meredith a huge grin when I take him in his room in the mornings and it makes us feel good knowing he's in a good place while we're at work.

Leaving for Grahm's first day at Bright Haven & my first day back at work
June 28th, 2010

OOOoo school!
It was defintely a tough week for me.
And it's 1 - 2 - 3 Strikes you're out!...
Grahm watching his NWA Naturals play baseball!

Grant, Grahm & I at the Naturals game.
Grahm got to take home a foul ball!

What more appropriate than baseball socks? lol

He's learning to blow spit bubbles haha

Mommy and Grahm...
Funny story - I actually have my shirt on backwards here. Vneck, front pocket & all...I'm lucky to fix my hair somedays, who says I have to wear my clothes the right direction? ha!

Sweet little man hands resting on Daddy's arm
A visit from Great Grandad!

Grahm and my Grandad just giggling!
Grahm and his Great-Grandad Chet

Catch the crabby butt!

"Catch me if you can"
I'm afraid that'll be a true statement here pretty soon!

Emily & Grahm

My first 4th of July!
Grahm's first 4th of July!
We watched the fireworks at the Elks Lodge & he loved them!

4th of July, 2010
Grant, me, Grahm & Sara


Grahm sitting on Grandma's lap watching the firework show


Grahm & Daddy on the 4th...hanging out in Daddy's new chair
we got him for Fathers day!

Grahm after his 2 month Dr's visit. He was so tired after his vaccinations :(
Grahm & I both cried...

Grahm loves bathtime more and more!
We went to visit Great Grandma Daisy, Gpa & Lula in Van Buren

Showing off his big grin

Grahm on his playmat..chewing on those hands

Grahm & miss Hollyn

Is it tecinically his first kiss if she's eating his face? haha

Grahm loves all the bright colors and pictures in his "Hug Me" and "Bug Me" books!

More Baseball Please!
Hanging out with Daddy before his 3rd Naturals game

Back in uniform to cheer on the Naturals

As usual, he was out in Daddy's arms about an hour into the game

The Skeltons with Strike!
G,B & Grahm!