Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Farewell Summer...

Well September flew by! With my birthday being the first day of fall this year, I was quick realize how fast summer came and went.

Random reviews:
Food - Tusk & Trotter off the Bentonville square. Awesome lunch spot for great food! Product and meats from local farms. My fav - The Mixed Grill Pasta

Website - Youversion.com. Great site to help you pick a bible reading plan that you can follow and track progress online or on their iphone app. I'm enjoying the New Thru 30 new testament in 30 days plan now. Check it out!

Here are some memories from the last few weeks of summer!

 Grahm riding the four wheeler with Gma!
 ..or "Go Ride" as he calls it.

One of my oldest friends is due to have her baby on Oct. 22. Miss Haley will be welcomed by a lot of 'aunts!'. I've known Meagan since elementary school at Elmdale so it's so fun to see our families grow!
 LJ, myself, Ashley & Jessica at Meagan's shower!
 LJ, Meagan (momma), and I

 We play hard & we rest hard :)
 I love this lil' belly!

Woo Pig Sooie! Hanging out at Trent and Naomi's for the Hogs game!
 Grahm hanging out on the couch, he can't quite call the Hogs but he'll
shake his arms up going "Woooo...GO!GO!"
 Grahm and I with aunt LJ watching the Hogs!

A few weeks ago, Grahm caught a bug and it was just awful. He had a fever for over 5 days and would hardly eat. He would fall asleep anywhere, he even fell asleep sitting up in the shopping cart at Walmart. After a couple days on antibiotics he began feeling better but it was tough to see our wild beast down for so long.

Hogtown Creations - I'm doing 6 paintings for a lady's neices and nephews for Christmas presents. What a fun idea! Here is the first one for Miss Kaitlin (who is obviously the princess in the family!). I'm also working on a custom razorback painting as a wedding present for a friend's brother. So fun!

Happy Birfday to Me!
Well we can pretend but we all get older. Last week we celebrated my 21st birthday (no?). I took the day off, hosted a garage sale with Grant, then we went golfing! Afterwards we picked up some delicious cupcakes by Sweet Nothings and had dinner with friends at Sassy's Red House.

Yep! This was me!
I love this picture because Grahm makes this face!

 Gma watched Grahm while we went out with friends...
I think it's safe to say they had a blast.
Love this one! Thanks mom!
Our lil' fireman! His teacher's dad is a fireman and brought the kids hats to school one day since they were learning about firemen, policemen and service men and women in general.

Woo Pig!
G&B + g

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